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When Selling Your Home, Do You Prefer an Agent Tells You Honestly What the Listing Price Should Be?

When Selling Your Home Do You Prefer a Realtor List Your Home For The Price That You Need To Sell It At? Or Do You Take The Advice Of The Professional And List It At What The Market Is Dictating At That Time? Even If The Suggested Price Range Is Much Lower Than What You Want To Sell It For?

Sellers are often emotionally attached to their homes and irrational about its value. The Realtor is not really setting the home price, the market is.

So if you really want your home to sell fast it needs to be priced at a level the market will respond to.

So to answer to this question is:  No, sellers do not want to hear the truth.

But a good Realtor should be able to tell the sellers anyway and if the seller is unreasonable he should walk away from the deal.

A bad Realtor will list it at a ridiculous price just to get the listing and ask for reductions very soon.

The seller thinks their home is worth more than it is, and wants to list their home with the Realtor that gives them the answer they want to hear…

Although this question seems easy to answer I don’t think the easy answer is the true answer.

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